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How long does it take to complete a Website?
Depends on the type of  website you are building. An average website with 10 pages and mid difficulty functionalities will take roughly 6 weeks to complete. However, your website will be live from day 1 with most of the functionalities in place.
How much does it cost to build a website?
Prices depends on type of website you require. Factors we consider includes number of pages; shopping cart; Number of Products; complexity of functionalities and lots more. An average information based website with 10 pages cost around £500 to build including free hosting for 12 months and free SSL installation.
Do you provide content for my website?
With most website, we work closely with you from the onset to produce a SEO friendly content, however, your website is yours and need to reflect your brand and convey your message, therefore the crux of the content will only be published once you have approved it. We do provide some pictures, however product pictures and branding related pictures will be expected to come from you.
Will you continue to provide support for me once my website is finished?
We provide technical support should there be any issues with the website for 6 months. We also have an ongoing support service you can either subscribe to annually or pay as you go if required. We will provide you with basic training on how to carry out text editing; adding new product; price editing etc. However any web development activities will be subject to a fee.
Does my website come with an email?
Yes, we provide 5 email addresses with every website as basic, any additional will be charged. It is worth nothing this email service is only possible if you keep your hosting services with us. We offer the first year of hosting FREE including FREE SSL as well.
Do you provide SEO service?
We build your website with SEO in mind every step of the way. However, our google ranking SEO service is a separate service. This service is part of our complete digital marketing package,